The latest addition to Webcon’s unrivalled range of Weber intake manifolds is a one-piece item that allows the fitment of a pair of Weber 40DCOE carburettors to the Sunbeam Alpine
1725cc sports car.

Part number MW3040 has an overall length of 80mm and a head port diameter of 34mm. It features a threaded take-off port in one of the runners to allow the servo vacuum pipe to be retained. There are also a pair of 5/16 UNF captive threads to provide attachment points for the Webcon LP5400 rod linkage (which is available separately from Webcon dealers).

MW3040 is priced at £402.83 plus VAT as a single unit. However, it is also available as part of a kit complete with a pair of genuine Weber 40DCOE carburettors, the Webcon rod linkage system mentioned above plus a set of soft mounts. The complete kit can be ordered as part number PSB201-40 priced at £1,407 plus VAT.

Available directly from Webcon and from appointed Webcon dealers around the world.
For further details contact Webcon UK on +44 (0)1932 787100 or visit