Webcon now manufactures a heat shield for use on the Weber DCOE and DCO/SP range of carburettors.

With warmer temperatures, and the consequent higher under bonnet temperatures, just around the corner, hot fuel handling issues (especially with modern Ethanol fuels) are likely to become apparent on many carburettor equipped classic cars.
However, many of the heat related running issues on Weber 40 and 45 DCOE installations can be easily and quickly reduced by installing these new Webcon Heat Shields. They deflect rising hot air around the body of the carburettor as well as providing an effective insulating air barrier underneath the carburettor.

The new Webcon Heat Shield is superbly made in the UK from 1.6mm stainless steel and is stamped with the Webcon logo to easily distinguish it from the thinner, less effective copies on the market.

The new Webcon Heat Shield can be ordered as part number 9990398700 and retails at £21.33 plus VAT. One heat shield is required per carburettor
For further details or to become a Webcon dealer contact Webcon UK on +44 (0)1932 787100 or visit www.webcon.co.uk