Mini Spares is pleased to announce it will shortly be receiving stocks of two styles of replacement interior lamps. This will be good news to owners of classic Minis and other BMC models. The original lamps will now be some sixty years old and will probably have tarnished, changed colour considerably and become very fragile. Many will have distorted out of shape and will crack or break when re-fitted, so will need replacing.

In order to accurately reproduce these lamps Mini Spares had to hunt high and low to get the original shade of pure white correct. To achieve this they used samples from customers and a Mini Cooper register member who had original lamps still in their boxes.

The Mk1 interior lamp with a black on/off switch and pointed torpedo ends (Mini Spares part number 14A9148) was used on MK1 model Minis and Elf & Hornet MK2 variants. It also fitted many of the 1959-on range of Austin A55/60 Cambridge, MG Magnette and sibling models.
The 14A9148 Mk1 interior lamp with torpedo ends retails at £31.20 inc VAT.

MK2 Interior lamp with square blunt ends (Mini Spares part number 13H4398) was fitted from October 1964 and retails at £32.40 inc VAT.

Both lamps are due for delivery shortly and should be in stock by the time you read this.

For more details contact Mini Spares on
+44 1707 607700 or visit their website: