The Volvo B18 and B20 series of OHV engines were introduced in the early 1960s and powered a number of popular Volvo cars. Many such vehicles are still running today and a large number of owners chose to upgrade the engine’s induction by fitting the superb Weber 32/36 DGV carburettor.

In recent years availability of the custom intake manifolds has been sporadic; however, Webcon has solved that problem by manufacturing its own intake manifold.

The manifold is produced in the UK to Webcon’s legendary quality standards. It is supplied complete with a custom throttle linkage and necessary fittings as part number MW0042 priced at £397.12 plus VAT.

The new Volvo intake manifold is also supplied as a complete kit with an authentic Spanish Weber 32/36 DGV carburettor and a chrome air filter as part number PVO101 with a retail price of £679.20 plus VAT.

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