Ford’s legendary Crossflow (Kent) engine first entered production in the 1960s. Although it has not been made for around forty years, tuning this engine is as popular as ever. Whilst many tuners favour a pair of Weber 40DCOEs, a significant number prefer the driveability and economy of a Weber 32/36DGV.

Despite the cessation of Ford’s production of the single carburettor manifold years ago demand is still strong and Webcon is thus delighted to announce that it has tooled up to produce the twin choke manifold for the Crossflow once again.

As you would expect, the revived manifold is made by Webcon in the UK to its exacting standards. The manifold is available as a package complete with an authentic Spanish Weber 32/36DGV jetted to suit the Crossflow, custom linkage and air filter. Order as part number PFO104. Retail price £567.50 plus VAT.

The Crossflow manifold is also availabile on its own as part number MW4230 priced at £331.34 plus VAT and the authentic style throttle linkage kit is part number LP4230 priced at £79.86 plus VAT.

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