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  • Now you can publish directly to the web.
  • Ideal for articles, fitting guides, instructions, regular magazines (E-zines or Web-zines), catalogues or any other multi page document.
  • Reduce expensive print costs by having you catalogue on line.
  • A ‘Web-zine’ can be flicked through just like a paper counterpart.
  • You can zoom in on whatever you want and even download individual pages or the whole document as a PDF and print out paper copies.
  • If you are worried about ‘bootleg’ copies of your magazine, downloads can be blocked so that visitors will be able to read your document online, but not download it.
  • You can allow the whole world to read your document or restrict readership to your selected members.
  • Any multi-page PDF document can be converted into a ‘web-zine’. Various pricing options are available depending on the size of your document and if you want to permit third-party advertising on the edge of your page.
  • Contact us for further details.