The Webcon 32/36 range of carburettor conversions for the MGB offers performance and economy as well as the day to day driveability of authentic Weber 32/36 carburettors. The key to this conversion is the intake manifold.

The Webcon MW0032 manifold for the 1.8 BMC “B” series engine allows fitment of the full range of single Weber 32/36 and 38/38 carburettors, as well as the new Webcon Retroject EFI throttle body.
The manifold comes complete with studs, nuts, washers, insulator block and water heating adaptor and is of the quality customers have come to expect from Webcon.

MW0032 is available on its own, or with a variety of authentic Spanish Weber carburettors as below:

MW0032 £370.77 plus VAT

Complete kits
PMG105 1 x 32/36DGV Manual choke £599.48 plus VAT
PMG106 1 x 32/36DGAV Water auto choke £668.39 plus VAT
PMG109 1 x 38DGMS Manual choke £682.17 plus VAT
PMG110 1 x 38DGAS Water auto choke £778.64 plus VAT
PMG111 1 x 38DGES Electric auto choke £778.64 plus VAT
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