DEI put to good use all of its experience when developing the best turbo shields on the market. It is no surprise, then, that it also capitalised on that same expertise when developing the new DEI Wastegate Heat Shields.

The Wastegate Heat Shield features advanced textiles. A Titanium LR outer layer is combined with multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers,to produce what is, without a doubt, the strongest, most heat resistant and precisely fitting shield available.

Wrapping the wastegate/blow-off valve helps to reduce engine bay temperature and minimise the chance of burns when working around the engine. There is the additional benefit of improved turbo efficiency and function whilst the light weight of the Wastegate Heat Shield ensures high performance applications are not compromised.

The DEI Wastegate Heat Shield is suitable for use with the TurboSmart 40mm – 45mm CompGate and HyperGate Wastegates. True riveted tie-downs and stainless wire are included for ease of installation.

Order as part number 10142. Retail price £136.07.

For the best in turbo heat management and maximum efficiency DEI recommends pairing the DEI Wastegate Heat Shield with a DEI Turbo Heat Shield.

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