Most aftermarket ignition ECUs are capable of running a 3D ignition map when used with a pair of sidedraft carburettors; all that is usually required to evoke this functionality is a throttle position signal.

Webcon carburettor throttle position kits are supplied with all parts required to carry out this conversion and are compatible with most popular aftermarket ignition ECUs.

Kits are available to suit Weber and Dellorto carburettors as below:

Part Number Suits Price
9990266000 Weber 40/45DCOE £112.10 plus vat
9990266800 Weber 48/50/55 DCO/SP* £116.51 plus vat
9990290200 Dellorto DHLA £112.10 plus vat

  • Please note that kit will not fit early LH and RH DCO/SP models

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