Burton Power now has a basic RWD conversion kit to install a Zetec E 1.8/2.0 engine into an Escort Mk1 or Mk2 (or Escort based kit car). The kit suits both Silver Top and Black Top engines including the ST170.
Engine mounts to fit original crossmember – the mounts will line up with bolt holes on the Zetec block to correctly position the engine.

Alloy wet sump pan kit – the original FWD sump will not clear the crossmember. The replacement cast alloy sump with bolt in baffle is designed to allow easy fitment of the Zetec E engine to both LHD & RHD Mk1/2 Escorts. It is supplied with pickup, dipstick, dipstick tube, sump gasket and sealer and fits either Silver or Black top engines.

Water rail – the Zetec outlets will foul the bulkhead, so the water rail transfers the outlet to the front of the engine. The rail is drilled for temperature gauge sender, electric fan switch and is supplied with suitable switches as well as a fitting kit.

Steel flywheel with ring gear – for use with the larger 2.0 Pinto clutch.

Flywheel to crank bolts, flywheel to clutch dowels and clutch to flywheel bolts

Edge gear reduction starter motor – to fit the RWD offset flywheel.

Crankshaft spigot bearing – to support the end of the gearbox input shaft.

The kit is available to be compatible with either standard or World Cup crossmembers. Order as FZ490SK and FZ490WK respectively. Both retail at £1,428.00 inc. VAT

for further details contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281