Excessive fuel pressure causing flooding is becoming a common problem on new or recently rebuilt carburettor set ups. This can happen either with an electric fuel pump or when a cheap copy of an original mechanical fuel pump produces way more line pressure than the intended 3 to 3.5 psi. This problem is especially common on Ford and Volvo engines.

The solution is to install a Webcon Fuel Pressure Gauge.

Webcon part number WFR150K includes a superb quality 0-15 psi fluid filled fuel pressure gauge with a Webcon manufactured anodised 8mm 5/16” billet aluminium fuel line adaptor and plug, together with a couple of OEM quality hose clamps. All at an ultra competitive price of £34.95 plus VAT.

For vehicles with an EFI system, Webcon has the WFR151K gauge kit which features the same superb quality fuel line adaptor and clips, but includes a 1-8 bar gauge so that the EFI fuel pressure can be measured and set prior to mapping. The WFR151K gauge kit retails at £37.95 plus VAT.

Fitting either of these new kits is extremely easy. A blanking plug is included in the adaptor so that the fuel gauge can be removed after set up or left in place for continual monitoring.

For further details or to become a Webcon dealer contact Webcon UK on +44 (0)1932 787100 or visit www.webcon.co.uk