(711M +0.110″ with deepened valve pockets)

Burton Power is now offering genuine Hepolite pistons which have been manufactured exclusively for Burton’s.

The pistons are ideal for uprated 1.6 Kent engines and have +1mm deep valve pockets; they will fit most performance camshafts including 234 and 244 without any further piston modifications.

The +.110″ size is perfect for +0.090″ blocks which are in need of a rebore without having to go to the expense of large bore forged pistons.

Compression ratio is in the region of 10.7:1 in a 1600 engine (the exact figure will depend on block height, head gasket thickness, etc). The bowl capacity is 33.77cc.The pistons are cast with invar (expansion resistant) inserts similar to the original production pistons.

Burton’s genuine Hepolite pistons can be ordered as part number 18647/110 and retail at £72.00 each inc. VAT.

for further details contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281