If you have ever had the unpleasant experience of a throttle sticking open, or not returning fully to idle, this new component from Webcon will be of special interest.

Webcon is pleased to announce the introduction of an external return spring system for the Weber DCOE carburettor. An external return system is now mandatory for most race series, but it is also a useful addition for road car owners who would like to speed up their carburettor’s return to idle and benefit from a fail safe mechanism to guard against a throttle sticking.

The Webcon External Return Spring System is suitable for all sizes of authentic Italian and Spanish manufactured Weber DCOE and DCO/SP carburettors and can be ordered as part number LT5000 at £28.90 plus VAT.

Available directly from Webcon and from appointed Webcon dealers around the world.
For further details contact Webcon UK on +44 (0)1932 787100 or visit www.webcon.co.uk