DEI has been at the forefront of heat control for many years and now the development technicians at DEI have collaborated and used their wealth of experience to develop the absolute best turbo shield on the market! It is, in all likelihood, the most technologically advanced turbo shield ever!

The GEN-3 Onyx Black Turbo Shield combines recently developed advanced textiles to provide what is needed to control turbo heat. A silicone coated Onyx Black outer layer with multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers are combined to produce what is, without a doubt the strongest, most heat resistant shield available.

Outer Shell
The outer shell is coated in silicone to provide insulation and will endure extreme conditions. It also prevents fraying and encases seams to more than quadruple their strength.

Insulation Layer
The thick insulation layer of silica keeps heat in the turbo shield and turbo housing.
Silica has a low thermal conductivity making it one of the best insulators available.

Inner Layer
The inner layer consists of stainless steel, glass fibre and silicone to further enhance the
insulation and thermal properties. It also increases seam strength and durability thereby adding to the
protection already offered by the other layers.

Inner Cover
The inner layer of stainless steel fabric acts as a retaining mesh that will not break down or
become brittle with heat, and will endure even under the highest temperatures.

Onyx™ Series GEN-3 Turbo Shield/Blankets are available as:

  • T3 Kit part No.10261 £314.76
  • T4 Kit part No.10263 £366.83
  • T6 Kit part No.10262 £574.31
    Prices are subject to shipping and import tax.

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