The latest new product from Webcon for the classic Porsche 911 is an air filter to suit the Weber 40 and 46IDA3C caburettors.

Manufactured by Webcon in the UK, the top, base and posts have been machined from billet aluminium which has then been black anodized. The element is reuseable, thus saving on future service costs, and is capable of trapping minute contaminating particles. This combination ensures the quality of this new filter Is superb, and it will not look out of place in the engine bay of any flat 6 Porsche.

Air Filter part number AFB4340 works perfectly with Webcon’s new Porsche IDA3C intake manifolds, throttle linkage system and, of course, the newly reintroduced, genuine Weber 40 and 46IDA3C carburettors.

AFB4340 is extremely competitively priced at just £149.50 plus VAT and is available directly from Webcon or from its global network of dealers.

For further details or to become a Webcon dealercontact Webcon UK on +44 (0)1932 787100 or visit