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GAZ Gold Adjustable Suspension for Ford Ka

Gaz is now offering fully adjustable GAZ Gold suspension kits for the Ford Ka. The coilover struts are both height and damper rate adjustable. Ride height is altered by means of adjustable spring seats.

The height adjusters have a coarse acme form thread for ease of adjustment and the damper units are black zinc plated to ensure that they remain in good order even after considerable service.

Damper rates are controlled by an adjuster knob on the damper body. The GAZ coilovers come with a gas cell in the reservoir filled with a high viscosity index multi grade oil to prevent cavitation and reduce fade under racing or trackday conditions.

All the units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two year warranty.

The complete GAZ Gold Coilover Kit for Ford Ka (four dampers and springs) can be ordered as part number GGA444 at £1,106.26+VAT.

GAZ can produce this kit with ‘road use’ or ‘full race’ valving as required and supply the appropriate springs for the intended purpose.

To become a GAZ dealer please contact sales@gazshocks.com