Many stainless steel braided hoses come in AN (Army & Navy) sizes so heat protection specialist DEI is now producing its popular Heat Shroud™ Kits in AN sizes.

Unwanted heat from engines, turbos and exhausts can damage fuel lines, hoses and wires. DEI Heat Shroud protects them without the need to disconnect the parts to wrap them. DEI Heat Shroud reflects 90% of radiant heat and will resist temperatures of up to 260°C (500°F).

DEI Heat Shroud is made from a high temperature-rated glass-fibre fabric with an aluminised outer layer. (It is the same as DEI Heat Sheath but with the added convenience of a ‘Velcro’-type fastening along the open edges). DEI Heat Shroud can be easily trimmed to length with a knife or scissors.

DEI Heat Shroud protects against oil, dirt and road grime and can be shaped to fit the tightest bends.

DEI Heat Shroud is now available in the following AN sizes:
Part No. AN Size Length Price (May alter with currency fluctuations)
10673 12AN 3ft (91.44cm) £37.36
10674 12AN 10ft (3.048m) £109.50
10675 16AN 10ft (3.048m) £112.72
10676 16AN 3ft (91.44cm) £38.42
10677 20AN 3ft (91.44cm) £39.50
10678 20AN 10ft (3.048m) £115.96
Prices are subject to shipping and import tax.

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